Hi, I'm GIIØ.

I produce and develop alternative artists.

No Amount Of Mastery In The Studio Is Worth A Record That Doesn't Get Heard

I’ve played in a heavy band named As A Conceit for about 10 years, starting from the smallest worst possible shows up to playing shows in front of hundreds of people in different countries around Europe.

As a musician, I’ve experienced a lot of highs and low as well, and I know what it means to bust your ass off just to play in front of a couple of people for pennies.

Sounds familiar uh?

I always wanted to have an impact on as many people as possible with my music, while also helping other bands doing the same.

Over the past years I’ve worked with dozens of bands helping them to bring their artistic vision to life, and now I decided to go further.

Beside recording and mixing, I have always been passionate about marketing, advertising, project management, and everything regarding the strategic and technical side of the things in the creative world.

Most of the times I was the first person taking care of those aspects in my band, to the point that I decided to start helping other bands with the same things.

I’m not the guy you hire just to mix the music you made, as a producer I want your music to sound the way you deserve but I also want to make sure that all the work you and I did doesn’t go to waste without a plan, before and after the studio phase, helping you to connect all the dots in this crazy industry.

Cool people say..

Trung Ton, Windrunner

Working with Gio was an amazing experience. He did an exceptional job at making my band sound its best and was super professional and patient in the process. Look no further, 10/10 would recommend!

Rado Brunovsky, Noonwraith

He made the best of our recorded stuff, he had patience with us even though we delivered the stuff horribly late.
If you want the best sound you can get, he is the right choice.
Absolute professionalism.

Andrea Miotto, Shading

“Not only he made our record sound amazing, but he also spurred us to think about unconventional ways to promote ourselves in order to stand out from the rest of the bands and he taught us the importance of budgets and how to make the best out of them. He is the right producer for every band who wants to concretely grow, step by step. If you want to make the transition from having a beginner attitude to a pro one, he’s the guy.”

A great mix is not enough

Most of the times, especially in the beginning, I had no idea what I and we as a band were doing. I feel like one of the most common phrases in our band was ‘’Why are we even surprised that *shittythingthatjusthappened* happened to us?’’.

The musical side was sorted, but then we hired managers who did nothing, we partnered up with people who promised a ton and ended up doing absolutely nothing for us and not only we wasted money on them, but we wasted time that we could have used in more productive and efficient ways.

There have been moments (a lot of moments) where I and we questioned (and still question to this day), if we could have avoided those mistakes, if we could have spotted those fake opportunities and honestly.. just do the ‘’right’’ thing.

In all honesty, yes we could, but in reality I’m glad these things happened.

What i’ve learned through my small successes is that there is no such thing as ‘’doing the right thing’’ most of the times.

This is why I want help your band before, during, and after the studio phase.

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